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Welcome to my website. I enjoy taking photos and my goal is to make each photograph worthy of display in your home or office. I want each photo to be something that my customers will enjoy and appreciate for a long time. 

I learned you never have enough pictures of your loved ones.  We are not promised tomorrow and loosing some you love is the hardest thing to deal with, for most people. That is when you see the true value of photographers.

I have had the pleasure of shooting many talented musicians. I have taken a few small weddings, portraits, events, landscapes and even cars at the Concourse de Elegance in Amelia Island Fl.  I have worked as a second photographer when called. 


I enjoy landscape photography the most.  I enjoy showing the beauty of God's creation, even though no photograph does His work justice.  I am awed at His beauty I have seen and always attempt to capture my feeling of it. 


I really hope you enjoy my photos.  If you see something you like, please let me know. I was blessed when I was asked to have one of my pictures be used as a magazine cover.


If I can help you in any way with my photography ability. Call me: (904) 610-4135.


Thanks again for visiting my website.


Jeff Holland