This is me Jeff Holland. I have taken pictures for years, since before high school. I was learning on my own with street photography and flowers. I worked for a photographer during my senior year of high school and some college. I learned a lot about photography from him.

Studied accounting in college, didn't put my focus on school and lost interest in accounting. Did not consider a degree in photography because I found love, joined the Air Force to get married. I took a lot of photos of my children and during vacations. The Air Force made me an Air Traffic Controller.

As time for me to separate from the Air Force came, President Reagan fired the striking air traffic controllers. This left openings in the FAA. I was hired three months after leaving the military service, for another career of serving my country as a government employee. The job was exciting and very challenging at times.

With four children and a challenging job my picture taking slowed. I have moved into a new phase of life and want to do something I really like. When my youngest daughter was in high school she played volleyball and basketball. I started my photography again, with earnest. I love taking pictures. I enjoy trying to capture the mood of an event, the feel of a place or moment. I am pleased when I take a photograph that makes others smile or say wow. I am also hard on myself. I want pictures that wow me so I am always striving to get better and trying to find new ways to make a picture pop.