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Created 16-Dec-13
146 photos

If you select a picture to enlarge it you will see download just above it. There you can download that picture or all 149 pictures. That download is free to you for personal use not for resale or profit without my consent. The printer will also print pictures in different sizes for you and send them to direct to you.
1207 K9-63951207 K9-63961207 K9-63991207 K9-64001207 K9-64011207 K9-64041207 K9-64071207 K9-64081207 K9-64101207 K9-64111207 K9-64121207 K9-64131207 K9-64141207 K9-64151207 K9-64171207 K9-64181207 K9-64191207 K9-64201207 K9-64221207 K9-6423

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Sally Baldwin(non-registered)
Photos are terrific! Great job, Jeff.
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